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Polyester Bimini Top and Boot with 3 Bow Frame

Outdoor waterproof Storage Boat Cover

ODCW offer many different style and sizes of waterproof Storage Outdoor Boat Covers. All of the boat covers we offer can be stored indoor or outdoor. The material we use is a D600 or D300 polyester waterproof material which is strong and durable. We offer pontoon boat covers, V-Hall Boat Covers, Bass Boat covers, Ski and fish boat cover, and Bimini top covers.

Boat Covers we offer for outdoor storage

There are certain things you can do to extend the life of your boat and protect your investment. Thanks to the availability of a wide range of outdoor boat covers you can now protect your treasured boat for many years to come. Regardless of the kind of boat you own, you can always find a suitable weatherproof boar cover which would properly cover your boat and help you take care of your investment. At www.outdoorcoverworld.com you can always find a massive selection of boat covers for all styles and sizes of boats. All the boat cover you are going to find in our site can be easily stored outdoor or indoor. The storage boat covers at our store are created out of best quality materials which is sure to last for many years to come. We only make use of D600 or D300 polyester to create a weatherproof cover for your boar which is extremely durable, strong and waterproof.

Pontoon Boat Cover

No matter if you own a pontoon boat, a ski boat, a fish boat, a bass boat, a bimini boat or a V-Hall boat, you can always find an outdoor boat cover which would perfectly fit the shape and size of your boat. They are made out of the most durable polyester fabric which is known for its resilience to extreme weather conditions. They are going to protect your boat from all elements of weather like sun, rain and mildew. It comes with 2 or 3 straps which would effectively cover your boat with a bungee lining the lower end of the cover. The waterproof boat cover you will find here would make sure that wind doesn’t infiltrate under your cover.

V-Hall Boat Cover

Weatherproof boat covers at outdoorcoverworld.com would not only help to protect the topside and the interior of your boat from weather elements but also lower the moisture level and sun damage. When you store your boat in a moist environment, you need to find a breathable boat cover make out of uncoated polyester. Waterproof boat covers you are going to find at our store have been coated with a moisture resistant compound which would protect your boat from heavy showers. The weatherproof boat covers available at our store are all priced between $100 -$150 and a little investment on a cover would enormously extend the life of your precious boat. Our waterproof boat cover is created out of the best materials making use of the most high end technology. Our wide selection of boat covers have been specially designed to fit all the specific styles of boats.

Fish and Ski Bass Boat Cover

We are fully committed to ensure the longevity of your boat and therefore all our weatherproof boat covers have been put to test in Orange County, California where we have created a testing ground. You can be rest assured that the boat covers you are going to find at www.outdoorcoverworld.com are going to last for at least 5 years or more depending on the weather conditions. All our boat covers have been thoroughly tested with rain, sun, snow, dust and wind to ensure that our customers get the best value for their money.
Bimini Top Cover
We now offer top quality Bimini top covers with boot and frame. we offer all sizes from 6'36" x 72"-78" these are adjustable frames made with an aluminum oxide material. when you purchase your Bimini Top replacement kit this item will include a boot cover with heavy duty zipper to keep your Bimini top in perfect condition for years to come.
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