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Monitor Covers for LCD screens - protective covers for computer monitors

Monitor Dust Cover
Premium Monitor Dust Cover

Covers For Monitors

these are heavy duty monitor covers. design for ultimate protection using a d600 polyester material. this is the great for storing or transporting LCD or computer monitors.

Protective covers for computer monitors

We, at Outdoor Cover World, deal in providing all types of monitor covers that are efficient to protect your monitor. Our customers trust us for the quality and reliability of the cover material that we provide to them. The D600 polyester covers are capable of providing required protection to your PC, which filter the incoming air and prevent the dust from entering in. Thus, all the internal components of monitor are protected and prevented from being damaged. Moreover, our covers are designed to give a perfect fit to your monitor, no matter what is its size. We always aim at satisfying our customers by providing them high quality covers that last for longer.
Protective covers for all size monitors
No matter what is the size of your monitor, you will get its protective cover at Outdoor Cover World. Only you need to tell us the dimensions of your monitor and we will provide you the available options.

Water resistant covers for monitors
Our covers are water resistant that will protect your monitor from every liquid material. Not only that our monitor covers are soft and are capable of protecting your monitor from scratches.

High quality material
The monitor covers that we provide to our customers are made of high quality material and are strong enough to provide good protection to their monitor screen for longer. These dust monitor covers are made of d600 polyester material that provides full protection to your monitor even during its transportation.

Great discount
Our rates are best in the industry. We know that customers look for best quality LCD monitor covers which are not much expensive. So, we aim at meeting their expectations and providing them high quality monitor covers at affordable rates. You will be surprised to know that we, at Outdoor Cover World, offer 20% off retail pricing on all protective covers for computer monitors.

Another benefit that you will get after buying monitor screen protectors from us is the warranty. We offer two year warranty on all our monitor dust covers. Though the hard and strong material is unlikely to get damaged, but if anything goes wrong in the period of two years, you can get it exchanged free of cost. So, if you want to provide best protection to your monitor, then feel free to contact us anytime.

Protective Covers for Computer Monitors

All of our monitors cover at outdoorcoverworld.com are 20% off normal retail pricing. we offer all sizes from 15" monitors up to 23" monitors and larger. these are water resistant and protects from scratches.
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